Changing UI, Background and Button Colors

I’ve recently changed my GH background color to black, but when I did this, my buttons become illegible (screenshot below) - I need the background to be black because of visual impairment, but is there a way to change the background color for the buttons? Any help would be much appreciated


Two options worth checking out:

I’ve not tested what control these give over the toolbar buttons though.

What about the wires? Hard to see them on a black background, eh?

Thanks for these! Both worked great and I ultimately chose Palette for customizing the Ui, wires, etc. but there seems to be no solution for the buttons. I believe it is a glitch with the compatibility with Windows High Contrast Mode. When I turn off High Contrast Mode the buttons reappear with white background.

I will say though, I tend to use command line rather than toolbar anyhow, so I just hid the toolbar and that solved it, in a way…

Glad that it mostly works for your purpose! Are you using windows 11 or prior version?

I am using Windows 11!