Generate unique iframe based on upload geometry

We potentially have hundreds of models to upload and present via shape diver to our website as part of an end of year exhibition.

The ideal work flow would be:
students upload model to specified folder
we change the geometry in our shape diver / GH model
we copy the unique iframe into the relevant page on our webiste.

What i can’t ahieve is the unique iframe. It always shows the default geometry.

Check that you copied the correct iFrame code for each model. However, we don’t recommend embedding multiple iFrames to a single page as the WebGL is likely to crash and this solution is definitely not going to work for hundreds of models. Create a library page with thumbnails of models instead and open each of them individually.

Thank you for the quick reply. we will only have one iframe per page, so that’s not a problem. the problem i have is that the iframe doesn’t change regardless of the geometry uploaded to the shape diver model (Open_v1 - ShapeDiver), it always shows the default model.

I managed to upload a different model in the platform and also in the embedded iFrame.

Make sure you upload only supported formats and check maximum file size of the import component, more details below:

Hi, Again thank you for the help. I think you misunderstand. I want to be able to input the students geometery into the shape diver model and copy the iframe. then input a new student model and copy the iframe and so on and so on. The problem is i get the same iframe regardless of the geometry i have input.

The below image is the shape diver platform with a new geometry input (the test object) and the above image is that iframes ode in our site. the default placeholder geometry is presented.

Thanks for making this clear, I understand your use case now. Saving multiple options per input is not currently available but this will be possible with Saved States feature coming later this year. It will allow to save different parameters states, including geometrical inputs.

For now, you have to either create a new model in ShapeDiver for each iFrame or build a custom application which would reference input objects per embedding from external source, for example AWS. The code examples below can give you an idea about our API.

Thank you for the help. We are looking forward to the new release of Shape Diver it does sound like it will be a great leap forward… so very exciting