Changing Text font using a script

I am looking to create a script that will change the font of a selected list of text and then explode the text so that it can be used to engrave on a cnc mill.
I am doing this so that the text is editable until right before I use it to engrave. Just in case it was labeled wrong or if we make an updated version it’s easy for me to edit the text then explode it. Original text would be backed up on a previous layer.

I am doing this because I would need to edit/explode the text on hundreds of parts at a time.

I tried converting my text to a text object but that didn’t work out for me so I thought this may be simpler.
Completely new to scripting and have no VB knowledge so hang there with me.

Sub FontTest
Dim obj_list, strObject, obj, cmd, text

obj_list = Rhino.GetObjects("Select text to convert", 512, True, True)
If Not IsArray(obj_list) Then Exit Sub

For Each obj In obj_list
		If Rhino.IsText(obj) Then
		strObject = obj

		'text = Rhino.TextObjectText(strObject)
		'debug check

		Rhino.TextObjectFont strObject, "Arial"

		cmd = "_explode"
		Call rhino.command(cmd, True)
	End If

End Sub
Rhino.AddStartupScript Rhino.LastLoadedScriptFile
Rhino.AddAlias “FontTest”, “_NoEcho _-RunScript (FontTest)”

Unfortunately, this doesn’t change the font and then it launches the explode command instead of exploding the current “obj”.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know about the text part but for the explode command you first need to select the obj, then run -_Explode with the added dash to run the command without the interactive part, or possibly -_Explode _EnterEnd