Changing Surface Directions

Hi Everyone.
Trying to change surface directions upward or Downward. to make it easier for offset surface.
see attach file.
@martinsiegrist @Joseph_Oster @HS_Kim Please have a quick look.

Best Regards
Surface (13.5 KB)


Your geometry (curves) are not internalized.

Have you tried Flip?

Hi @Joseph_Oster Yes. i internalized. but the tool showing Sofistik is not related to this job. not sure but will attach file here again. Sorry for inconvience.
Surface (18.5 KB)

There is nothing coming out of Dispatch ‘B’ output.

Unify the surfaces’ direction

Unify UVs | Page 2 | Food4Rhino

@Quan_Li Thanks for your help. indeed it very useful. Regards