Changing material colors takes 30 seconds in V. 2014-04-07(509)

I have a 274MB model imported as an .IGS file from SolidWorks. Groups that previously took only a couple of seconds (or less) to change the color of in the “Material” menu now take much longer to modify - 30 seconds, timed. Nothing else has changed with this model, or with my hardware or OSX, other than upgrading to this version of Rhino: 2014-04-07 (509). Feels to me like Rhino is going through the render process internally every time I change the “material color” of a group, because that’s about how long it takes to effect the change, and display the new color in the bar at the top of the menu box. I realize this is a rather large file, and that some operations can be expected to take a bit of time, but I have been working with this file for a few weeks, and this problem has only surfaced with the latest upgrade of Rhino. Can’t upload the zipped file because it exceeds the maximum size limitation.

Hi Tony
Sorry for the tech support confusion yesterday. I fear I might have come off a bit abruptly. I hope you didn’t take that as a slight. It was not meant that way.
I think we have the Mac Rhino file upload system on the way to being sorted out now.

I do have your file and I think @Marlin has it now too.

Can you please take a screenshot of your OpenGL Preferences page and post that?

Also, what tool are you using to change the color assigned to a selected Group?


I just tried it here on my Mac. I hunted around the Perspective until I found Group 67 and used the Property panel to change it’s display color to black. That was quick.
Then I selected what looked like the same object in the Top viewport, and that has set the spinning wait wheel going for quite some time. Over 3 minutes so far and counting.

The 3DM file is on a network drive so access is a little slow, but something is clearly wrong here and I think I’m duplicating what you described.

Hopefully @Marlin will be able to figure it out.

It eventually took about 10 minutes for the spinning wheel to go away.
After that, I could select surfaces and groups and change their colors quickly. It’s like some huge indexing process had to finish…

No worries about yesterday, John. I’ve uploaded a screen cap of the OpenGL preferences.
I am using the Material assign object color menu - have uploaded a screen cap of that, too. Please let me know what else I can do to help. Thanks! Tony

I got the 3DM file, was able to duplicate the problem, and this will be fixed in the next WIP release.

Thank you so much! This is definitely impacting my productivity, so a fix will be very welcome.