Problem with material editing lag/delay in Rhino 6


This is a problem that we have been having for a long time. We have a very large file with over a 1000 objects and layers. We have given each layer a unique material description as another way to record information, and changed colors and transparency here and there when needed. This was started years ago using Rhino 4/5.

However, using the latest version of Rh6, clicking on the material field from the layer list now causes the program to take 30-45 seconds to pull up the layer material dialog box. It takes the same amount of time to return to the main window after editing and closing the box. Needless to say, this has made editing layer materials unworkable.

Does anyone know why the program would lag/delay this much when editing a material? The file itself works fine for normal model manipulation. Maybe there is a setting that we could change to fix this? Thanks.

Hello - can you send us the file? to, along with a link back here in your comments.