Changed modelview component colours since 2.2.0

Hi Karamba team.

I have noticed that since version 2.2.0 the output of the modelview component has changed.
This results in different colours for the beamview component.

In version 1.3.3 i used to set beamview render settings utilization, and in modelview set the result threshold to absolute value (and lower result thresold to -100.
This way the colours matched the occuring stress divided by the allowable stress.
It was also possible to set a specific colour (e.g. black) that indicates when stresses are above the maximum for that specific material.
This is useful for a G(M)NIA or EUGLI approach where you apply local and global imperfections and test sections without code checks. This made it possible for us to work with different materials than steel. This also made it possible to mix different materials in 1 model.

Now in version 2.2.0 it looks as if the colours for utilization are base on code checks. (EC3 steel?) Which makes it impossible to use for other materials.

Am i doing something wrong? And if not, would it be possible to re-introduce the option to have colours based on stress / max-stress ?


Hi @Joriss,
in Karamba3D V 2.2.0 the utilization coloring for beams should still be based on stress divided strength. What is new is the possibility to define different values for tensile and compressive strength. In some of the early builds of V 2.2.0 there was a problem regarding centering the color scale.
I tried to reproduce the problem you describe with Version but the results look fine: (31.4 KB).
Could you check your results with the current version of Karamba3D?
– Clemens

Hi Clemens,

thanks a lot for your reply.
I have upgraded to and you are right: no problems with colour scales anymore.
Since the colours were off quite consistently i made a wrong assuption about the cause.

Thanks again!

Hi Clemens,

i am still getting intermittent behavior of the modelview/beamview components in
Sometimes the colours show up as completely wrong (a lot of black). and then recomputing, or switching on-and-off one of the inputs jumps it to the correct colour scheme, any idea what is going on? Render settings set to utilization, and absolute value (100 to -100).

Hi Clemens,

i have experimented a bit more with your model.
For axial forces it works fine, but for bending i get some inconsistencies
Each of the beams below has the same horizontal load and thus the same bending moment
the compressive and tensile strengths are the variable.
I would expect to see an asymmetric colour scale, white always in the middle but element 4 showing yellow because of compressive failure, and element 1 showing green because of tensile failure.
Currently it seems to be only taking tensile strength into account?

could this be the same reason why i am getting inconsistent behavior in my model? (46.9 KB)

Hi @Joriss,
thanks for your bug report regarding the utilization coloring!
Sorry for the inconvenience.
The issue will be fixed in the next service release of Karamba3D.