Significant stress differences between BeamView and Utilization components stress output

Dear experts,

I´ve observed some inconsistency between BeamView and Utilization components.

In a simple cantilever vertical beam example loaded with 20 kNm torques around X- and Y-axis (147.9 KB), the Min. and Max. stresses dumped by BeamView component (rows 8 and 9 in the data panels) differ 10 MPa from those provided by Utilization component (rows 10 and 11), i.e. they are ±309 vs. ±319 MPa, respectively:

However, when only one torque is applied along e.g. X-axis, the results agree in ±226 MPa:

I´m using Karamba3D v2.0.0 WIP. Thanks!

Dear @Vigardo,

the ‘Utilization’-component outputs the largest stress at the given cross section, whereas the color scale at the ‘BeamView’-component returns the stresses connected to specific colors.

In order to make the largest values of both components coincide, you need to refine the display of the BeamView: set Length/Segment in the ‘ModelView’-component to a small value (which does not have an impact in this specific case) and increase the faces at the cross sections via the ‘Faces/ Cross section’-slider in the ‘BeamView’-component (see here: (126.6 KB)).

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Ok, great! It is just a very minor visualization issue. Thanks!