Change the shape accordingly the gradient map


I would like to change the shape of the flowers accordingly the gradient map. (not scaling).

I mean that in the black area of the map, the distance between ‘CP’ and points will be bigger then in the white area.
I think maybe the second number (that I marked) need to be construct domain?? but I really don’t have idea how to do, I would like your help.

Many Tnx !!


seamlessBra_pattern_210419.3dm (761.2 KB) (34.6 KB)

I am very happy for you help!!
I really need it… thank you :slight_smile:

Something like this is what you want? I used pufferfish plugin’s Pinch’n’Spreadfor convenience. (26.8 KB)

Hi thank you very much on your answer.
Yes kind of, but I would like that the shape will change accordingly to the map … you can do it ?

I don’t understand what you mean.

@HS_Kim super cool!!!wow

I would like that in the black area of the map the radios of the Pinch’n’Spread will be bigger and it white area the radios will be smaller . that more clear?

Check the linked topic bellow. (24.7 KB)

it is perfect…! :blush: