Wave patterns using graph mapper with changed density - help :)

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to achieve a similar outcome to the picture attached.
To my understanding it is possible to create the initial waves using graph mapper - that’s not hard.
The question is how to make the waves more “dense” in some parts?

thank you for your help.!


easiest scenario, you have two curves with same amount of control points

connect their relative control points with lines

distribute an equal amount of points along these lines:

use these points to create new curves:

if the divisions along the lines connecting the control points are equally distributed, then also the tween curves will be equally distributed:

but if you have a higher density of points somewhere, then also the tweened curve will have same density in the same location
like here -through a graph mapper- the first 8 points fall inside the first half of the range (0-to-0.5) which translate in a higher density of “divisions” toward the initial generating curve

this is kind-of the same of lofting the initial two curves and finding in-between isocurves using similar UV distribution

I strongly suggest using the plugin Putterfish if you want to experiment with these concepts, because it has incredible tools that will make your life much much easier :slight_smile:

for instance, putterfish does the above in just one component:

Tween_density.gh (13.2 KB)

Thank you for your detailed response!! :+1: it’s very helpful.