Gradient Dot Pattern with controllable intensity points

My question is about an existing definition that someone helped out with a while back that needs a little modification. Currently it’s allowing me an even gradient across a variety of widths (This is a frit pattern for a curtain wall), but we’d like to manipulate the way gradient moves across a set number of widths now. So basically we’re trying to get a little more scope of the mid section density, while having less of the very dense opaque side. Is there a slider that would allow us to manipulate locations of the incremental size change of the dot? Or define points along the horizontal axis to control how fast the gradation occurs?

Thank you if you’re able to offer advice!


2018_07_19 - Even (11.0 KB)

Normally I’d say throw a graph mapper component between your remapped values and the radius input but since there’s a referenced curve here, I’d first bake that out and set it again so you can move it to the middle of your pattern. then use a linear graph mapper to tweak the values and also swap your min/max on the target domain for the remap so your largest circles are in the middle. One consideration is that you may want to change the math on the max value there so there’s a little more material between the large holes for structure.