Change the Category of an existing Family

Hi, if I want to change a “Casework” family to a “Furniture” family, what should I do? I remembered there was a component would do that, but couldn’t find it.

You can change that in the Family Document if the original template supports the new category.

Hey Japhy, sorry my question is not clear. How do I achieve it in Rhino.Inside? I remembered I posted a thread about changing the Category Inputs and you reply me with a solution. Couldn’t find that thread anymore.

We currently don’t have any EditFamily components, are you thinking of changing direct shape categories?

Sorry, I found the thread. You were showing me how to change Parameter Categories, not really Family Categories. Thank you!

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Can the direct shape categories be changed, with RiR?

Not seeing any way to SetCategory besides when creating a direct shape.

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