Change mesh edge selection to vertice

Hello again, I know clicking 2 ending edge mesh and then double clicking the middile edge will have the edge section selected. What if I want to change the selection to vertice? I am going to align the zig zag edge to a curve so that I will have better quad remesh. Thank you

If I understand correctly, I think instead of pulling vertex points around, you should consider adding mesh faces between those 3 points using the persistent Vertex Osnap, and then Join the new facet to the surrounding mesh.

Yes I can do this, but it drawing each triangles one by one. I prefer pulling those edge vertice all at once. Just like surface match command (repost)

I fear moving the vertex points as you suggest will visually change the shape of the surrounding mesh in undesirable ways.

This is the whole thing. I have to fix all the zig zag edges first

Editing meshes in a NURBS modeler like Rhino is a PITA.

infact, why the edge are in zig zag, because i used command extract connected mesh by angle, so all irregular mesh near to the “mesh surface” edge separated. now I am fixing the edge to a surface-like edge.

After fixing the edge, I will do quad remesh, and then to subd, to nurbs

Sounds good

With Quadremesh, to Subd, to nurbs, Rhino becomes better for reverse engineering, but I am not familiar with them yet.