Adding edge bevel

Hi all. Embarrassingly simple question, sorry. I have a model I’ve been given and I need to bevel some of the edges but I can’t even get a selection of the edges to attempt to bevel them. I’m a first time user of Rhino so if anyone could give me some advice I’d be super grateful. Thanks in advance.

Please post the model (3dm file). It sounds like you are working with a mesh and not a NURBS object, but that’s just guessing…

Hey, thanks for looking into it for me. File attached. It started life as an stp file (14.8 MB)

Importing / Opening STEP files will get the objects in as blocks. Use the ExplodeBlock command to get rid of the block. Also use the Purge command to get rid of the definition that is saved under the hood. Make sure to check the options of this command to ensure that you don’t purge things that you would like to keep.

Great, thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a go and let you know how I get on.