Change in Unroller Class R6 to R7?

Hi Guys,

Found an unexpected issue with an unroller component when moving a def from R6 to R7.

This is what I see from my def in R6 once I have unrolled some parts and spaced them out:

Then when I open the same def in R7 the panels are unrolled to a different location:

The part of the def I’m seeing the issue in is attached with some sample geometry internalised.

I have tested with a few different ‘unroller’ components, but they all show the same change between R6 and R7.

Was there something changed in the unroller class between these two versions?



210828_Unroll Class (219.0 KB)

OK - not that hard to fix with a hack in my code - see attached - just moved the objects back to the origin.

Still keen to know if its a bug in R7 unroller class.



Def a change in unroller class. Pufferfish unroller results in same on that geometry.

Thank Michael,

Yeah I believe I have 3 or 4 different unroller components on my machine, including Pufferfish, I tested them all with the same result.