Change in ExtrudeSrf in V6

I’m not sure if this is intentional, or a bug, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

In V5, using the ExtrudeSrf command always produced the results in the direction specified. It didn’t matter where the cursor happened to be. You can see that here. I’m using a negative distance, and the extrusion always is produced in that direction:

In V6, the extrusion is created relative to the cursor location. I will repeat the above example, but watch what happens when I move the cursor above and below the surface:

As it stands now, the negative value is relative to where the cursor drags the extrusion.

Was that intentional, or an oversight? For scripting, ExtrudeSurface gives me the control I need, so this is more of a curiosity question.



It was. There was a discussion a long time back, @pascal was a part of it with some other users, and it was like 50:50 on who wanted it which way… I am finding it “distressing” for a lot of what I do as well, as it adds an extra thought/mouse pull… If you can get used to it, typing a “+” or a “-” in front of the number makes it work like V5 (i.e. ignore the cursor)…

Thanks Mitch, but I find the + or - just makes it relative to the side that the user moved the cursor. If you look in the second video, I’m using a negative value.

Or maybe I misunderstood your point?



I’m wondering if, at some point during the RH6 release cycle, it used to work that you could override the mouse direction by using the sign in front of the number… That doesn’t work in today’s release, at least.

Yeah, you’re right… :frowning_face: I thought it was made to work differently. I know we discussed it extensively in the past.

For another thing I was working on, I had to write a quickie script to always extrude “up”, below is a bit more expanded version I did today. Note that it can also extrude a collection of planar curves that are not in the same plane along their individual curve plane normals. No preview, just type a number and enter. Couple of in-session sticky command line options after curves are selected… (3.7 KB)