Box command often creates box in wrong direction

Box command: When I move the cursor to indicate the direction to extrude the surface into a 3d form it often builds the box in the opposite direction.
How do I get it to follow my cursor?

Thank you

Short answer: you can’t (currently).

The Extrude command was modified in V6 to extrude in the cursor direction even if a numerical input that was opposite to the CPlane direction was supplied - i.e. if you pull the extrusion preview in the -Z direction but type a positive value like 10, it extrudes 10 units in the -Z direction. Previous to that positive values would extrude in the + Z direction and negative values in the -Z direction, the cursor direction was ignored. That modification that incited a lot of discussion and both positive and negative reactions.

The Box command, as well as the other primitives like Cylinder and Cone, still reacts the old way to numerical input - positive values go in the +Z direction, negative values in the -Z direction. The cursor direction is only used if there is no numerical input, otherwise it is ignored.

That’s very helpful thank you.

Is there any further clarity from McNeel on the issue? Sometimes the mouse direction matters, sometimes it doesn’t. Extrude* and Move now function differently and opposite.

There has to be a way to make mouse direction mattering consistent. I vote for it should matter and a negative numeric entry should reverse it. At least an advanced variable or something - how about MouseDirectionMatters, 0 or 1?

Extrude direction - #13 by Tom_P (was this an earlier heartburn discussion?)

thanks for linking.
there is more similar issues
for example


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Thank you Tom for this nice summary, I hope this one gets some TLC soon.

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It’s (nearly) spring 2023. Have we heard any response from McNeel on this topic? Does the mouse direction matter or doesn’t it?

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for some commands it matters - for some it does not…
I totally agree that this is frustrating.
see my opinion in the post s linked above…
we can try to push this topic again - but me experience is, that the weekend is not the best time to do this…

kind regards - tom