Change Documents Properties - Hatch scaling/Annotation Scaling

Hi everyone,

I’m a new rhino python user and i really enjoy it :smile:
But at the moment i stuck trying to change the annotation scaling and hatch scaling option with python.
I dont even know how to start with this problem. Is there some example anywhere (i didn’t found one yet)? Or does anybody have some tips for me?


Hi rivex,

You can use the rs.Command function to access some of the Document properties:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

rs.Command("_-DocumentProperties Annotation ScaleAnnotation=Yes ScaleHatches=Yes TextScale=10.0 HatchScale=2.0 _Enter _Enter", False)

Also “Using variables” section of Rhino Python primer, has a nice example on rs.Command function usage.

I’ve added a bug track item to expose hatch and annotation scaling to RhinoCommon.

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