Change Callout Reference View?

Hi all,

Just wondering, for the current version of RIR, is there a way or component that can change the reference of a Callout


There isn’t a component for that.

Here is an example using the Revit API, not quite understanding the reason for requirement of checking the ElementID is greater than the other.

Here’s something to get your started.

ChangeRef (12.6 KB)

Hi @Japhy , thanks a lot for the help.

Additionally, I wonder if “Callout” can be queried or filtered separately from views?
In the image and file attached below:

  • When query “Views”, it returns all the “views” in active view.
  • When query “Callouts”, it returns nothing.

Query (10.1 KB)
Query Callouts.rvt (5.1 MB)

Hi Ctu6,

Callouts category is referring to graphical elements (linework) in the Revit API.

I think something like this might work for you, Query View Elements filtering by View Family Type

Hi @Japhy

I tried open your script from previous, however the message show “Unrecognized Object”.

I think I’m still a bit confused here.
When querying from the view, all the types are the same (none of them are Drafting Views).
How can I specifically query only the Callout reference ones?

The reason for doing so is that I have two sets of reference drawings (likewise, two sets of sheets) for the same callout location, and I have to constantly swap between them.

I’ve thought of duplicating the callout at the same location and using a filter to control the visibility, but somehow I think it’s more efficient if the referencing can be altered directly.

Your script from the previous message seems to do the trick!
But now I guess I’m stuck on how to implement the filtering…

I think you’ll want to filter by the name/number or a custom parameter, you’ll need to be specific at some point if you’ve got multiple callouts you are changing on a sheet.

To narrow it down it looks like in the case of a section callout reference it doesn’t have a scope box parameter, so you could cull the list that way. (12.6 KB)

Yes, for the duplicate views I have different prefix in view name so I can differentiate them and have them coherent.

Nice, What a great found!

Regarding the Python script you mentioned earlier, is it compatible with Rh7, or is it exclusive to RH8? Unfortunately, RH8 is not yet available from my end, which is quite disappointing

No problem, here’s a Rhino 7 version. Try to be more descriptive with posts per these recommendations and we can avoid rework. If not specified i’ll be helping in Rhino 8. (8.3 KB)

Thanks for the script; it’s working now!
It would be cool if this feature could be added to the upcoming RIR release.

In the meantime, I found that ‘Query View Owned Elements’ also helps filter the Reference Callout, except in situations like dependent views where it won’t return the element (View Owned, of course).

Thanks for the reminder; I’ll pay attention to that next time.
Just curious, is it mainly because the Python editor has changed in R8, therefore the same file can’t work in R7?

A Rhino 8 grasshopper file won’t be compatible when there are components referencing Rhino 8 specific code on the canvas, such as GH1 Model Object components or the new ScriptEditor.