Current Anno Style switches to a currently selected object AS

Is this a new feature? How do I turn it off?

Hello - I think the behavior you are referring to is this:

Select a dimension and change its Annotation Style.
Start Dim - the new dimension matches the style you changed the previous one to.

Is that correct?


I guess it’s “similar”? It literally changes current anno style as you select an object that has that property like a dimension, text, leader etc. to that object anno style… most/some? of the time…

Hello - for some reason we cannot see that clip here. Can you possibly send a link to the screencast upload?


uploaded mp4 and it’s a blank on my end… :confused:
co-worker reports it’s up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, I see now, and so far it does not do that here - the default is the last set current style.

I’ll poke at it some more.


Here’s the file you can poke at. We’re using alias to run '_SetCurrentAnnotationStyle to switch if that matters at all. This is a huge deal breaker for us 'cause we deal with dimensions 24/7/365. This alone might prevent us from switching all 26 seats to R6.


annostyles.3dm (28.0 KB)

Fixed in 14.

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