Chamfer Edge failed unexpectedly

Chamfer Edge failed unexpectedly when a particular value was used (0.10 cm), 0,09 and 0,11 made correct chamfers.

Rhino 7.5.21068.13001
File: chamfer fail.3dm (90.7 KB)

This might be due to your tolerance setting.

I changed it from 0.01 units to 0.001 units and the chamfer worked with 0.1 cm

It might be, I purposely made my tolerance units higher because I was testing something and would like to keep them that way.

If it’s reasonable that it failed, then sorry for the false alarm. It looked suspicious because of the simplicity of that task and the values (both higher and lower) that made the correct chamfer.

Hi Jakub -

With your file here, this seems to work without problems with 0.1.
Rhino 7.6.21077.1001

That wiggle does look like a tolerance thing, to me and at .001 it’s clean, so I’d say that settles it… but it is odd that it is messy on the distance that matches the existing chamfer that it intersects.