How can i Create Surface from Points or Curves?

Hi there

I’m new to Grasshopper.
How can i create a surface from 3D Points or Curves or both of them in Grasshopper from a parametric design? I tried several different ways to get there but non of them worked out.

Tower orginal Origami (22.6 KB)

Tower orginal Origami (23.6 KB)

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Thank you Joseph

I have a lot to learn and i will go step by step to understand how it works. Its awesome!! I never could have done it!

By the way… is there a website where all the commands are listed and what they do? I wanna improve my knowledge about grasshopper and couldnt find anything helpfull.

Greets and have an excelent day!

I like Josephs version more but this could be another way I think:

Website with all comand is this:
Not sure if its actual.

file:Tower orginal Origami finish^ (16.7 KB)

in addition if a mesh is ok you could do it like this:

Its from weaverbird plug in, the component is called meshFromLines.


file:Tower orginal Origami (18.3 KB)

Hi Horst,
Thanks for the link and the other 2 options. I will check them too how you did it.
All the road leads to rome…

have a great week and thx

I don’t usually use BANG! (Explode Tree) but it was easier than ripping your code apart to organize the lines differently.