Center line symbol

Is there a way to make a dimension generate a center line symbol like the image below automatically?


Hi Sam - no.


is the center line symbol can be added to the text box in v7? like ° and Ø ?

I did a work around for center line symbols.

  1. I made a text then went to this website ““℄” U+2104 Centre Line Symbol Unicode Character” to copy and paste the center line Unicode symbol.
  2. I then exported the text with origin to a .3dm file in a folder i keep for symbols.
  3. I made a custom aliases to import the file with a short cut command of “ICL” (insert center line)

here is an example of my custom aliases

!_-INSERT F B “\Mac\Home\Desktop\Rhino\other\DRAWING SYMBOLS\CENTER LINE.3dm” O _Enter _pause Group 1 0

now when i a want center line symbol, all i have to do is type “ICL” an place it in my drawing