Weaverbird invalid mesh

Hello, I’ve been struggling with a script. I’m trying to create a voronoi skin around a building but I’ve been coming up with an invalid mesh after using weaverbird’s mesh thicken. I’ve attached my files here.

building voronoid2.gh (10.4 KB)
building voronoid.3dm (2.5 MB)

You have a very shitty topology here…

You need the Mesh Edit plug-in to clean it a bit.

building voronoid2.gh (11.4 KB)

But you really should avoid this by doing a better meshing at the start.

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thank you!! I’m new to grasshopper so it’s been a challenge.

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There are some strange issues in the mesh in this region.

Maybe make these sides more thick. I don’t know. It is rather complex geometry.

Yea thickening is not great for this geometry. You really need shelling to make this good, something like meshlab can do.

From what I can understand from his geometry, the problematic areas are at the boundary of the structure, where he only has half the width. Everywhere else it is perfect.

If this is somehow fixed, the rest will work.

Hello Mmora289,

I would suggest a much simpler method to generate that facade for your building:

  • Use “Voronoi” (2d) and “map to surface” commands instead of dealing with Voronoi 3d and its hard to compute intersections.
  • Use clipper’s offset command “Polyline Offset” instead of grasshopper’s generic offset command while offsetting Voronoi diagrams. Thus you will not encounter any offset errors. You can download it through https://www.food4rhino.com/app/clipper-grasshopper-and-rhino#downloads_list

Find the edited grasshopper definition attached.

Good luck,

building voronoid3.gh (10.5 KB)

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