How to ! complex double curvature variant Voronoi pattern + attractor point façade script!

Hi all

First of all, ”I know that I am asking for a lot” and thank you in advance for your help.
I am a BEGINNER at grasshopper – I have Only JUST started using it.

This is my building -

My Façade that I want to transform into a Voronoi surface. This skin will be folded/wrapped on my building.

180507_Facade SkinS.3dm (5.0 MB)


I have found a tutorial where he the tutor says in it ‘you can add these scripts together to make one complicated façade’ - YouTube
This is what I want to do (need to do) to make the façade much more unique and complicated. I have tried to compose the multiple types of scripts together into one, but I cannot seem to make them (scripts) all work together!!! (1.3 MB)
(contains all the 3 scripts)

First of all START with his Voronoi system

Then add Random Aperture script

Then add the point attractor script on top

But then apply this to a surface. But this does not tell me how to apply it to a surface!

So onwards to another tutorial

//// Then I found a tutorial that can turn the double curvature surface into a voroni skin with a thickness.= great

VERONI (22.8 KB)

This is great Nearly perfect But I don’t know how to combine the first script def with his one!!! :frowning:
is it possible to add all these together??? To make what I am trying to achieve.???

Best Dom

Have you questioned as to why it should be a voronoi pattern? Asking because you are a beginner and for some reason every beginner goes to voronoi immediately. What is voronoi doing for the design?

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Just help him with what he wants to do Micheal :joy:



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hi michael,

err i do have to do voronoi as my project went that way with my tutors infulence, hence my tutor said go do voroni.

Hi Michael,

oh great thank you for the help i will get on with your pointers.
as what voronoi will do for the design is that i have other. elements in my model that i snot included in the file that is organic looking but closer to softened triangels aesthetic.

Hi Michael

i guess you did not read my post properly. The problem is joining the 3 scripts i have made into one script,(as the tutor in one of the tutorials say it is possible) can you please help with this please.