Continuous Catmul-Clark

A classic problem, any tips on avoiding the pinch points at the ends to create a smooth uniform mesh? (10.5 KB)

It is a classic problem and it is part of the algorithm behind the catmull-clark or sub-D. The idea of having a picture frame is the essence of the problem since the control polygon is causing the crease like effect.
some people would use kangaroo to relax their meshes but I think it is counterintuitive to solve a problem that you can avoid it in the first place.

I know it is so tempting to mesh everything and apply Wb Magic but you can achieve the result with Nurbs and no need to mesh anything.

See attached. (11.0 KB)

Hi Tay, that would do. Thanks for getting me on the path to weaverbird detox :slight_smile:

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another problem is the welding tool you use. You also didn’t set Weld to true in Weavebird"s Join Meshes and Weld
It is best to use Weld vertices
And you can reproject on surface (12.8 KB)

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Thanks Laurent, of course I forgot to join the mesh. The projection of the mesh on the base surface works great. Very clean.