Catenary Reversed Curves

So I am having an issue with my catenary component flipping some of the resultant curves, so when I try to Loft them together the loft kinks a bunch.
I did some research and apparently there is an old bug from 0.9 where this would happen, but I have a more recent version. I have coded a way around it, but I was wondering if there is an easier solution so I don’t have to work around this every time I try to do something similar?

I’m trying to upload images of the code but it’s giving me an error :confused:

Hi @Nicholas_Shorter ,

Instead of images please upload your .gh file with input data internalized.

That will ensure you get the most help on the forums.

Many users here are happy to help but typically everyone would like a file to look at/start with to directly pinpoint the problem.


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I’m trying to upload the file but it keeps failing. Is it too large?

Quite possibly, what’s the file size?

You could try uploading it as a .ZIP file

Ideally, if you can isolate just the problematic area of your code and upload only that, that’s better yet.

You can internalize any input data right before the problemed area and then remove all code that was before the internalized data

Loft has no pre-process on input curves which seems correct . should care about curve direction also start/end point always .Simply changing one seam will change the whole output.
But sometimes loft only work on Rebuilt Curves output which redesign curve with maximum 1000 point,the way it is not working is lack knowledge of inside algorithm.i am interested in a how-to-feed curve to Loft too.