Andrietta concept - Hybrid hyper-car WIP



just sharing some work in progress on one of my latest projects. Andrietta concept “Miami” Spec. Currently working on the design for the interior.


You’ve got something to be proud of there. Do you have a count on hours it took to build? —-Mark

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I enjoyed watching the super car! It is an unique engineering work!



Stunning! thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see the interior!!

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I’d say im roughly at about 80 hours total. Probably another 80-100 to go for interior design.

thanks everyone. Some motion test renders


nest to destination sailing, destination driving is my joy as well. That work is soo o nice, well done!

It’s wonderfull! :+1:t3:
Both modeling and rendering.

what render engine are you using?

Patch-layout please and surface with isocurve?

Working through variants to the original spec

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any chance to see the patch layout and the isocurves?

on this one I’m holding off for now until I get time down the road to resurface the car properly. I had to do some unorthodox things to get this car surfaced really fast (incredibly short on time with back to back projects) and it’s not the prettiest to show at the moment.

Was the car made via SubD?