Capitalization in Dim window?

I may be having a complete brainfart, but didn’t we used to be able to double-click a dimension, and get the option to hit the big “A” button and capitalize the text?

If not, can we get that for 7, please?

I’m in Rhino6-SR29

I don’t remember that ability in Rhino.

That option is available when creating block of text, not when editing a dimension.

Thanks @John_Brock.

Would be a nice option for 7.

V7 and V6 are the same in this regard.
When you create Text, the capitalization options are there:

The idea is you may be cutting/pasting from another document, and it’s likely you need to tweak it for the drawing.

There are no capitalization tools when creating/editing dimensions, or editing existing text. The tools are only there when creating a paragraph of text, which seems appropriate.