Cap Holes/Cap Holes Ex for complex open BReps

Hi there,
I am wanting to do some analysis in Abaqus on the unit cell of a lattice. I designed the geometry in Grasshopper and want to export as a STEP file to Abaqus. First I created lines that represent the lattice geometry. I then applied Multipipe to make the model solid. I then split the BRep using a box that represented the volume I want to keep. I extracted the index 0 item from the list (the Brep I wanted to keep) and applied Cap holes to make it solid.

However, pipes that have multiple open faces (Circled in yellow) aren’t capped. Is there an easy way I can cap these holes?

The output I have to work with is a single Brep with ~1000 edges so it is difficult to identify the edges of those open pipes from which I could maybe create a surface.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

I have attached the grasshopper file. The Purple and light blue groupings are just geometry creation. The pink group is my output and maybe the orange group is of interest where I trim the Multipipe component to what I want. I am using Rhino 7.
Triclinic unit cell (33.3 KB)

IMO, you need boolean operation rather than split brep.

Triclinic unit cell (31.9 KB)

That’s fantastic, thank you so much for your help - exactly what I needed.

I actually tried Solid intersection as well as various combinations of Solid Trim and Boolean Difference etc. But they always did something funny like leave one floating pipe outside the volume. I must have not flattened properly or something because SInt works on my original file now too.

Anyway, thank you again I really appreciate it!