Can't view model in iRhino

We are having a custom boat built and our designer sends us the model to look at changes. The file is 8.9 MB. It opens fine on husband’s Surface Pro but when I try to open it in iRhino on the iPad, all I can see are the two chairs. These are pre-built graphics he is using in the model. All the other layers are on but I can’t see them. Any suggestions?

Hi Christine-

It is possible that the objects that are not showing up in iRhino 3D do not yet have render meshes. To test this theory: in Rhino-proper, run the Shade command with all objects you want to see in iRhino 3D visible (layers on, not hidden). This will add the render meshes to all the visible geometry. Save the file (but don’t use Save Small; this deletes the render meshes) and try loading it in iRhino 3D again. Does this help?

Thanks Dan. I’m pretty sure that is the problem. Now, I’m just having a time getting enough room on my iPad for the file!