Can't turn triangular surface into STL

Hi guys, i tried many times but when i export as an STL a triangular surface it contains errorssetts

i think i’m missing something…any hint? thanks :slight_smile:

Post an .3dm file with an example surface and your corresponding .stl file.

What are the errors?

It shows in any triangular surface created via network surface such as shown in the pic, two polylines and a third degree curve as an example. I export it as an STL and when i open it with a software such as 3DBuilder it says that it contains errors that must be repaired. It make sense since its also rendered in a weird way. I think i’m missing some settings…

the same is happening with SolidWorks, im missing something on triangular topologies…01.stl (148.1 KB)

We still need the rhino file. Also what error are you getting? You can’t print a single open surface, is that it?

Hi Antonio -

When I import that stl file into Rhino and run MeshRepair on it, it tells me that this is a good mesh. You’ll have to check with that other software why that gets wrong on their end.

By the way, there is a complementary command _TriangulateMesh.
next, Your mesh is not solid and has inverted Normals, some programs do not like that.

yes, somehow relying 100% on 3DBuilder was a bad idea