Can't start rhino for mac

Could the log file be located in User/library/Logs/DiagnosticReports?
I found a Rhinoceros_date_computername.crash file here

Maybe if I redo all the process I can find the log file here?

Tried, found nothing in the diagnosticsreports folder, nothing in logs folder:

I’ve tried all the solutions that have been posted on this discourse. Still getting a -100 Error when i run Rhino WIP (rhinoceros_wip_20141124.dmg) . Any solutions out there.

I’ve tried rolling back to - rhinoceros_wip_20141113.dmg - Doesn’t Work
I’ve tried running the new latest release through terminal - Doesn’t work
I’ve tried running it normally by clicking on the App Icon - doesn’t work.
I’ve tried manually uninstalling Rhino and removing Application Support Files & Preference plist file. - Still doesn’t work :frowning:

Is there a release that doesn’t need the license key that we can use for the time being?

I run on a MacBook Pro - 15", 4 GB Ram, Mac OS 10.10 ( Yosemite)
Really Really need to get Rhino to work.
Thanks Again.

Quite serious and comprehensive to dsbaoni !

I am recommending as follows :
Getting rid of ALL your "mcneel"s.
Getting you back to an absolute beginner about Rhino and McNeel’s.
Using Spotlight of Mac (target word is firstly mcneel), you get completely uninstalling of previous one ( the files to delete are the folders and the plist-files, the preferences in Library Folder and ~ Library Folder and etc.) You should throw ALL of them in your trashcan and cleanup.

After re-installing (quite new) and licensing, perhaps you would be able to pick up your templates etc. from your backup HDs.

I wish you get good luck!

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tried but without success…

Tried all of what you suggested but the same error again :frowning:
I’ve also tried starting up rhino from the terminal …still doesn’t work.

Hi McNeel Support and Development Team.

Can’t you have temporary release which doesn’t have the License Manager Issues which gives Error -100?
Earlier I’d rolled back to a previous release and that had worked for me, but that expired on the 25Nov2014.

Atleast that way we can get some of our work done.
Till such time that this problem is sorted out?
Would be really helpful?



Can’t you have temporary release which doesn’t have the License Manager Issues which gives Error -100?

This is a good idea, however, we are not sure that we can fix this problem simply by removing the license controls (I wish we could). We have yet to determine the cause of this -100 error and we are not able to replicate it on our side. We do not believe that it is related to the License Manager, but we are still not 100% certain. We would much rather fix the underlying cause of the -100 error, rather than disable potentially unrelated features.

I know that’s not the most satisfying answer. We are working on this.

Thank you for your patience and help,

Hey Dan,
Since it is a holiday weekend, would it be possible to roll out a one or two week expiration build that does not perform license checking for these guys? I could probrobably help on Saturday if you need me.

Dan’s fix mentioned above works! I’m able to open Rhino for mac now!!
Thanks Dan

Is an authority of "administrator / user " hierarchyical problem ?

“Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Mcneel/Rhinoceros/Licenses Manager/Licenses/XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX.lic (not empty, so valid, perhaps)”


"XXX(User (My name))/Library/Application Support/Mcneel/Rhinoceros/Licenses Manager/Licenses/(empty)

are other locations and contents on my Mac (stand-alone use).

This is a good guess!

If anyone is getting the -100 error, please let us know if you are already getting another warning similar to this one:

Version 2.4.7 of the Mono framework is installed on this computer and Mac Rhino requires at least version 2.8. No .NET plug-ins will be loaded.

I am getting no -100 error message at all, Rhino is just not doing anything. Nothing. Pinwheel spinning endlessly for up to 2 minutes until I go to force quit, it show “not responding”. All this terminal and log stuff is beyond me. I hope McNeel will post or email a statement when this issue is resolved and the program just works as before. Thanks for working on it. I’ll use my Windows version is the meantime.

Hi dan, this warning came up only in versions prior to the ones with license required and in the latest version without license required.

This -100 error should be fixed in the latest (2014-12-02) WIP. The Mono warning listed above was related to the -100 error.

Thanks to @jesfro, @dsbaoni, @calumchalmers, and @corentin_harbelot for helping to diagnose this issue.

You are welcome!

Back to work today, tried the new release and it works fine!
Congratulation for the great work!


Hi Dan,

Wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

I’ve just downloaded the latest release of Rhino Ver 5.0 2014-12-17.
I want to thank you guys for the new release.

Thought I should congratulate you guys for the new release. And the GOOD NEWS is everything works like your previous releases.
I was asked for my License Key and it worked.

I thought I should let you know since you and your support team were very helpful the last time I was having problems with the Licenses. I had no problems with the mew release.

So great work, and Thanks again.

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@dsbaoni Awesome! Thanks. I’m glad you tested it and it’s working out well. We’re still tweaking Licensing, so here’s hoping we don’t break it again :pray:

It always helps to get kind words and encouragement! Thanks again for the testing and reporting.

:heart: Lovely, realistic description.