Can't Split a Spaceship Model in Half for Print

Hi. I’m new to this forum, so this is my first post. I’m having trouble trying to split my spaceship model into half (top & bottom) for printing. If you open the file from the google drive (will need permission - I will respond as soon as possible) you’ll see the horizontal plane slicing through the middle of the ship. Any tips for splitting poly-surfaces/grouped objects/complex models in general? And how can I split my spaceship model in half? Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks! :))


Hello - it looks to me like most if not all the pieces are split by the plane but they are grouped so they may look like they are one thing when you click on them to select. Note that grouping (really a selection set, not a geometry operation) is not like joining so if the goal is to make two complete closed solids, you still have some work to do getting each half unioned into a single closed object. I tried BooleanUnion on a few of the objects and so far they seem to succeed but there may well be ones that don’t work well - lots of parts there.


I see. So you will recommend trying to Boolean Union everything and then try to split the spacecraft?

  • Guo

Hi Guo - no. As far as I can see all the individual parts are already split by the plane:

but you cannot tell because the parts are all grouped and appear to be complex objects when you select them - in fact they are a lot of simpler objects being selected at once - that is what grouping does.


Hi Pascal - Ah I see. Got it so will have to ungroup all the split parts then Boolean Union for printing. Thank you so much! :))