Splitting my final product (hopefully)

Final piece in forum.3dm (7.4 MB)

I’ve got to the point where I have gotten rid of as many naked edges as I can for my product, however, when I come to split the head and handle (which is the final thing I need to do to complete this project that’s taken me well over a month to complete as I’m a new user) it doesn’t split and is causing me a great deal of grief.

I would really like this project to be completed ASAP so that I can move onto other things that I need to do to complete my DT: Product Design A-level. All help would be greatly appreciated. My final document (with all the parts that I don’t want split are moved off to the right (from the front view) with one piece being below the main head and handle) is attached. PLEASE HELP ME GET OVER THE FINAL HURDLE!

I looked at your file. It is too challenging for me. It looks very complicated. Sorry couldnt help. --Mark

Hi Kyran - it’s a little hard to see exactly what you intend, but I’ll make a guess and post back what I’ve got - there are many overlapping and unclear surfaces here… one thing I think that you have not absorbed is the concept of a continuous ‘skin’ of surfaces enclosing a volume - if you keep that in mind as the eventual goal, then analyzing the object becomes a little bit more tractable a problem to solve, For exmaple, if I section through the object as is, I get this:

You can see that it is pretty hard to interpret this as coming from a closed solid or even multiple closed solids.


If you explode your object and then split all these exploded subobjects it seems to work better.

@Kyran, I’m just guessing at what you want - Final piece in forum_PG.3dm (661.8 KB)
You can BooleanSplit the object with the plane.


Hi Pascal,

Your model is close to what I want and need but I really need to split my document which has all the components in. I don’t know why it won’t split and it’s massively affecting my schedule :frowning:. I have no idea what to do anymore. I’ve done everything I need to make the product, but I need to make it easy to put all the components inside and to do that I need to split it through the middle of the head and handle.
Is there any way you could take my document, try splitting it yourself and email it back to me? :frowning:
I could really do with a motivational boost right now because I’m in a very tight scenario with my schoolwork. I’m running out of time… Please?


You are better off starting with the model Pascal provided.

If you want to add to that model you will find it much easier.
to work with what Pascal provided.

If I were doing this I would use the cutting plane to trim off one side of the model. Since the model is symmetric you can always create the other half with the mirror command when you have the one side completed.

For instance if you want to restore the collar that is missing on Pascal’s model you can make a 180 degree revolve (see enclosed file) and then use trim and join to add that to the model. After that use Cap command to make it a solid. Then use Mirror command to get the other side.
half_piece.3dm (363.9 KB)

Run ‘selbadobjects’ and you get 12 selections. Fix that first.

And where would one find the tools to “fix that”?