Can't set curve of Structural Columns

Hi guys,

Basically I have a set of existing columns and would like to set the curve from Rhino. But I get the followind error.

  1. RevitAPI: The input familyInstance is not of a structural framing category.

Hi @mucahitbgoker,

There is a fix on 1.5 RC3 related to something similar on beams that I think will apply to Columns.

Could you please test it?

I am on the latest daily build?

There is a fix for this that will be released tomorrow on v1.6 RC

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Interestingly Element Curve node doesn’t work on Vertical Columns even when the input curve is vertical. But it does when switched to End-Point Driven. Is this the expected behaviour?

Is not. :smile:

I guess it needs one more tweek for this kind of columns.

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user2740, In the Element Parameter component you have non-grafted elements and grafted parameter, this causes a mismatch in your trees.

In this case you should use List Item get a one element to go into the Query Elements Parameters component, which will return a single parameter Element which can then be used against your flat list of Elements going into Element Parameter.

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