Rhino.Inside Revit older versions


I was just wondering if installers of Rhino.Inside Revit older versions are available somewhere for download.
Specifically, I am looking for v1.3, is there any chance to be able to download it somewhere?


Ciao @ar0551,

I can find the v1.3 installer for you, but is there any specific reason to install v1.3? Have we broke anything?


I am setting this up for a colleague @pixypk .
She mentioned having issues when creating columns, where in 1.3 she was able to change the Column Style parameter from slanted to vertical, but was not able to do this anymore in 1.5, as the property was no longer available.
She also mentioned some issues with creating grid axes, where the generation would not work when using odd numbers, but only with even ones.
Having the installer for 1.3 would be great to be able to run these older files, and then figure out how to fix the issues in v1.5.
Thanks a lot!

Both things are solved on v1.6.

Please try it using the RC from the Updates.