Cant rotate object back to cp plane

I rotated my object but didn’t have it snapped to the cplane, now its crooked and I can’t get it back flush with with cplane axis!

Have you tried undoing your operations back to where it’s properly aligned with the cplane and re-rotating it while paying attention to the plane? The undo stack in Rhino is pretty deep by default. You can also do saves at known good states of your work to give yourself some disk-saved snapshots to fall back to if things go terribly awry.

Hi Nate,

Try the command _Orient3Pt to alighn it back to the Cplane.


I did a video on how to get objects back in alignment, but you do have to be a Lynda member to watch. The process starts at 5:57 if you want to jump right to it.

If you’re not a member, here’s a free 7-day trial so you can check it out.