Resetting working planes

I have a rhino file that I changed the working plane around to do some modeling at various angles. Now I want to get it back to the original spot and having some issues with that. It looks like everything is reset but when I draw 2d objects on the top view they end up several feet above zero. Also when i move items up and down they are move at a slight angle up and down. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hello - CPlane command > World > Top (or whatever).


Well the ground plane is now correct. However when I move an object with the gumball when I am in perspective view it does not move exactly in the correct direction. It is maybe 2 degrees off.

Hi @intuitionusa
Most likely this is too late if you already saved the file.
You could use “_CPlane _Undo” in the viewport where you changed the original cplane that would get you back to the original. Also watch out if you have the universal option checked might mean you’ll need to undo cplane in each viewport. The undo cplane icon is in the cplane tab.