Can't Open 3DM File

For some reason, when I was given this 3DM file, it wouldn’t open no matter what I did. Or it did, but I was getting an error and I’m not sure what the deal is with it. Can someone figure out what’s going on with it?

Especially since when I double click it, I can see the preview of the file pop up, but Rhino will not open it, itself.

Any advice on this or is there anything I can do to get it to work?

Thank you
ring.3dm (904.7 KB)

here opens without problem but I only see a 1mm diameter circle, nothing else

Hello - this file has some Matrix stuff in it - you’ll likely need that plug-in to see any more…


See, that in itself is strange. The thumbnail shows a full ring, as well as when I see it just before it opens in Rhino. But even for you, when it opens up it’s just a tiny 1mm ring. That still doesn’t entirely make sense. Do you know what’s happening?

The thumbnail was probably saved by Matrix. It is not an indication of what Rhino can actually read from the file.

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