.3dm files from last backup won't fully open

Hi, I have a 4 Rhino files from an old laptop I had backed up before it broke. Because the laptop is broken, these files are pretty valuable to me. When I tried to open them just now on my new laptop, I found that only one object from each file remained. This is strange because the thumbnails of each file shows the full file- all the different objects and models within the original file. But when I open it, only one model remains. I used Rhino 5 on my old laptop, and I use Rhino 7 on my current one. I don’t think this is an issue because I have a different backup with even older files, where they all open normally and show the full content of the file. It’s just this last backup that seems to have produced weird files. I’ve uploaded the .3dm file and screenshots of what I’m seeing in the thumbnail vs. the file when I open it.

exploded CNC leg.3dm (6.8 MB)