Can't launch Rhino after latest update!

Something bad has happend with the latest update. I can’t even open Rhino session. It pretends it’s opening and then crashes.
V7 in a safe mode is fine.RhinoCrashDump.3dm (26.5 KB)
After installing latest WipP it also crashes.
RhinoCrashDump.3dm (25.3 KB)
Safe mode is useless for me.

The 3dm files are less useful. The .dmp files are what we need. I assume you sent in the crash reports using the crash reporter with your email address or username filled in, I’ll have a search in recent crash reports.

edit: @Piotr I don’t see any report sent in by you with current 7.4 SRC. All 10 7.4 reports are from versions already a week or more old.

Sent quite a few already

Hmm, maybe our crash report handling system is working through a backlog.

If you want me to take a look ASAP please before sending the report look on your Desktop, find the RhinoCrashDump.dmp file and send it to me using

I’ll get a notification email from the system when the upload is completed.

I’ve sent one yesterday also, you can check if:

Didn’t crashed :sweat_smile:

If it was 17 hours ago the error was due to a timeout exception in one of your tasks

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I’ve sent you two reports generated by V7 and 8, they are renamed accordingly.
I have reported problems with V8 some time ago about troubles with display: no print preview, not being able to switch between display modes but V7 was fine until today when i installed last update.

I’ll take a look at the v7 report. I have not even compiled v8 yet here, I’m not personally set up to work with that just yet.

Once the Cycles part for v7 is stabilized I’ll focus on that.

@Piotr I see the two files you sent me. You sent me the 3dm files. I’ll be needing instead the .dmp files. They are named RhinoCrashDump.dmp


They’ll be quite a bit larger than the 3dm files.

It’s nothing there apart these two (btw. they overwrite each other).

As a temp. rescue solution can you please send me a link to 7.3?

You need to check the Desktop before clicking anything in the crash reporter dialog. Once you’ve closed that dialog through either Send or Don’t Send the .dmp file will be removed. So:

  1. cause Rhino crash
  2. wait for Crash reporter dialog to pop up
  3. use File explorer to look on the Desktop
  4. find and send the .dmp file