Rhino7 crash on update

update crashes Rhino7.
here is the message I received inviting me to update and the system info

system info

Did you send in the report for the crash with our reporter dialog that should pop up when a crash is detected? I couldn’t find one with your name on it; all 7.4 reports I could find were sent in by one McNeel person.

Sorry I did not send a report. I thought there was a message that a report would be sent and I did not realize I needed to continue in order to send it. I tried to install 2 times before posting on discourse and Rhino crashed both times.
After reading your message I just tried to update again for a 3rd time so I could generate the crash report, and this time the update installed just fine.

Perhaps Rhino got scared by the danger of its crash reports getting sent :man_shrugging:

Please do send in crash reports whenever they happen. We’d be able to figure out more than just having to guess what could have happened (:

Thanks in advance.