Can't import geometry


I’ve been trying to make a GH file and upload it to shape diver using the component Direct Text Input in combination with the SD import. But I get the error:

I’ve looked for help on the videos online, but nothing. Is there a new way to go about geometry import for ShapeDiver in RHino7? If so, which one?


The shared ShapeDiver system is still running Rhino 6 at the moment. The Import Geometry component relies on Rhino 7 functionalities and therefore cannot be used on this system. Designer and Business accounts already have access to the Rhino 7 system, while the shared system will be switched to Rhino 7 later this year.

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I have solved this by downgrading to the previous version of shapediver :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @mathieu1 !
Any news about this update?
I need to insert the Geometry Import component to SVG images.

Do you know any temporary solution to upload this type of file?

We have still not switched the shared system to Rhino 7 and therefore svg import is not possible there. This will not happen until later in the year. Designer and Business accounts already have the option to use Rhino 7 on request.

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