Can't finish command "trim" & "split" & "delete hole"

Hi there, I can’t finish (click done) when I try to trim, split or delete hole. Can someone help me?

Thx, Henryk

don’t push the ‘Done’ button… use the return key or space bar instead.

the developers are aware of this problem and it’s possible it will be fixed in the next beta release.

I am having the same issues with the “Trim” command, space bar and enter result in the command not being implemented. any help would be great!

are you trying to enter a value or something?
or- how are you trying to use the command?
do you have any peripheral devices attached to the computer?

as far as i can gather, the issue with the ‘done’ button has been fixed and the trim command works fine.

No peripheral devices, I am just using the command as I usually would, or as I became accustom to using it in the last version I had.

are the surfaces/curves trimming? and you’re only having the ‘not implemented’ error when trying to exit the command? does the right-mouse button let you exit the command?

it seems like you should only get the error you’re describing - if it’s happening while the command is active- because of trying to enter something in the ‘value’ field of the trim command dialog.

Yes, there is a period, or point “.” in the values box that I can not delete. if I try to delete it and continue with the command it re appears.

OK, I think I have it. I am not sure why the period is in the values box, or if I can get it out, but if I choose the trimming curves after I delete the period it works!, but the period reappears if I go to repute the command, and if I select the curves in the “wrong” order it reappears. I think this still needs to be addressed, but I can get it to work. Thanks for all your help, let me know if there is a way to change the preferences for the values box so that ii is blank as a default.

yeah, that sounds weird.

the tough part is figuring out why the period is showing up.

are you running the command with a macro by chance?
does it happen regardless of using the menu, icon, or command line?

I also seeing the random symbol in my value boxes. It just started to show up as of this new release. I do not get a period though I am getting a ` symbol instead.
I can delete it, but it shows up every time no matter if I use the command line, symbol or drop down menu.

There are several different problems reported in this thread, and we cannot duplicate any of them. We don’t have enough information to know how to reproduce what you are seeing. See for the kind of detailed information we need.

Also be sure your OpenGL preferences when giving your detailed instructions. This will tell us exactly what version of Rhino and OS X you are running.