Every Command Value set 0.01

My current file has a tolerance value set at 0.01 for every command. To exit a command like polyline I have to “delete” before clicking "enter’.
Is there a preference setting I’ve missed for tolerance value settings?

your tolerance settings and this problem you’re seeing shouldn’t have anything to do with each other (as far as i can gather)…

what happens if you don’t push delete prior to enter?

(or- your description is pretty vague if someone reads this and hasn’t experienced whatever issue it is you’re describing… can you elaborate some more with a step-by-step method to reproduce the problem?)

Also see Can't finish command "trim" & "split" & "delete hole"

I have experienced something similar. I am not exactly sure how it starts as my left hand is usually spazzing away entering values and using the space bar as enter, but I have ended up with an annoyingly persistent value within commands. For example: I enter the ‘Extend’ command. I select my object that I want to be boundaries, I then hit enter, but a dialog box pops up that says that .75 is not a valid value. Several different values have ended up in here, .75 is just my latest instance. And I do know that the value is an actual value that I have recently used.

I try to delete the value and reenter a new one, but it just won’t go away. AND it shows up in every single value box, no matter the command. Resolves itself after a restart of the program. Actually don’t even need to restart the program, just need to close and then reopen the file.

I do not know how I get into this bug, but I will keep a look out to see if I can do it on purpose.


OK, from the way you described this, I have an idea about the cause. I put in a code change, but I don’t know how to invoke this bug. I’m sure that I spazz differently than you do :slight_smile:

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This has happened to me, on some commands i enter a value and it stays for all other commands. The few I remember from today are trim & join from a command dialogue box. It does not happen in join if I preselect the objects and then hit the Join Icon. My solution is to restart and it goes away until I have to enter a value.

I have been selecting then deleting the value box amount, then clicking the done button. This helps me finish my work so I can restart Rhino.

For example, if I set an offset value in the value field it stays in the value field for other commands, like Trim & join. Sometimes an amount is in the value box but it doesn’t effect the command, sweep 2 rails comes to mind.

IHTH … randy

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