Can't filletedge

In the attached file, filletedge won’t work on any edges. Through trial & error, I figured out that the problem is related to the surface that I marked with the point. If I remove that surface, the rest fillets fine. But I still don’t know why. Maybe it’s a bug?

(I don’t need any work-around solutions - I’ve done what I needed to do by using filletsrf. I’m just trying to report bugs.)

shape no fillet.3dm (106.6 KB)

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When I filletsrf the two selected surfaces, a vertical edge appears in your marked surface.

The curve which defines the problematic surface is built from two segments. I rebuilt the curve with a high tolerance so it is just one segment and replaced it in the original object.

I used FilletEdge and after fixing the surface it works fine.

shape fillet.3dm (665.0 KB)

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The underlying problem here is there’s users out there that don’t know and don’t want to know why NURBS seems to be so bad at filleting.

Some users just want to be users, and don’t want to reverse engineer the hidden details of Rhino’s behavior-maths-manifestations.

While this is somewhat understandable, I for one am curious what the devs would have to say about this major Rhino deficiency, since it’s decades old.

I’m curious how this deficiency is quantified by the people that understand it the most.

And I’m curious what can be done to overcome said deficiency.

Naming the problem is half the solution, and I’m not quite certain if everyone’s on the same page yet or not, in terms of why Rhino is so bad at filleting.

It always seems to be some adjacent edge or face problem that Rhino fails to know what to trim back or extend forward.

Is this a deficiency of NURBS or a lack of lines of code?

In another 10 yrs will there be enough new code so Rhino can know what to do with adjacent edges and faces?

Cause how many users out there, don’t want to have to care about these instances? And how many times do they get the wind taken out of their sails?

Why does parasolid not have this problem? Is it simply the difference in lines of code? Or is something wrong with the NURBS format?


@phcreates When running FilletEdge, it reports:
Select edges to fillet ( ShowRadius=Yes NextRadius=1 ChainEdges FaceEdges Preview=No Edit )
Ignored 1 edge in object with a creased surface. Use DivideAlongCreases to fix the object.
DivideAlongCreases indeed solves the issue. How was that surface created?
I’ll ask our devs why this fails.

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It was just extruded. BUT, I’ve figured out how to repeat this problem, and the cause is direct-editing (I should know better!) I went back in my save history and found where the problem started.

In the attached file, the locked object can accept filletedge. The unlocked object cannot, and the difference is that I direct-edited the surface using scale1d. I can make a video if that’s not clear.

bug 102.3dm (170.1 KB)

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I’ve made RH-76901 Filletedge - can’t select any edges


RH-76901 is fixed in the latest BETA