Best method to keep Grasshopper from creating repeat objects in Revit

Each time I open my Revit file and corresponding Rhino & Grasshopper files, it ends up piping repeat objects into the Revit project, such as levels.

Is there a good method to keep this from happening?

Hi @TheCyclist,

Unfortunately still not, we are working to make it possible on an upcoming release.

Hi @kike

Thank you for the quick reply.

When it comes to deleting these repeat objects, they have to be unpinned before they can be deleted. Is there a faster way to do this instead of unpinning each object one by one?

The way I am handling this is to put a boolean toggle with a stream node and then use a delete element node after it. Then put this right after the element creation part of the script. It makes it pretty easy to delete the elements whenever you want and then you can rerun the script. It also makes it feel (a little) less like a “work-around.”

Since the problem is to remember the elements created with Grasshopper to clean them out, meanwhile you can use a Revit Selection.

A nice thing about using a Revit Selection is that you can add a filter to your view and display those elements in a diferent color (here in orange). (19.5 KB)

When you need to clear previous solution elements you can press the :arrow_forward: button on the ‘Trigger’ component there is on the ‘Clear Selection’ group at bottom-right.

I hope we have a nicer solution soon.