Can't delete a curve projected onto surface

I’ve projected a curve onto a solid polysurface. I only want the curve on one side of this revolved object however When I try to delete the unwanted curve I cannot. I tried to see if there was an option to project on only one surface but there’s none I can find. Here’s screen shot and the model:

<a class=“attachment”

href=“”> (442.9 KB)

Your link doesn’t seem to work, but it the result is one single curve, you can use Split with the point option to split the curve where you want and then delete the other part…


Here’s the model again. I it doesn’t seem to be a single curve as only one half is highlighted by selection. (442.9 KB)

that’s strange.
the curve(s) deletes as expected here

Hmm, on the bottom of your object I see 4 curves, one half wave and one full wave in the center and one full wave projected on either side. I can delete any/all of them here. I am currently on Windows though.

Note you have two more or less invisible tiny cures in the posted file as well, do a SelCrv and you should see 7 curves listed as selected, but only 5 normal sized ones - the four I mentioned above plus the centerline. The other two are tiny, have nothing to do with the object and can be deleted.


Very Strange on this end. I can’t transform it or delete it. It seems like it’s a part of the solid and I can sub-object select it burt as you can see from the vid …

2015-10-11_19-35-16.mp4 (3.2 MB)

I bet you have History on for that object and LockChildren checked… --Mitch

Aha! That was it. Thanks Mitch.