Can't convert mesh to NURBS

Any idea why? All vertices are welded. Thanks a lot! H
Spiegeltisch Original - FINAL Pepakura.3dm (398.6 KB)

Hi Hannes - Rhino does not like the mesh - (Check command) but despite all the bad stuff it tells you in Check, you can clean up using AlignMeshVertices at .001.


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Check! Thanks @pascal, will keep in mind! H

@pascal is it VertCenter ?

2nd question, would that work also for duplicates? Since SelDuplicates doesn’t work on meshes and here in my current model are always 1,2 simliar meshes…Would help me a lot with my current project!

Maybe this old White Paper will be helpful:

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Will download now! Thanks @John_Brock for stepping into this!